"I'm always happy to read as-yet-unpublished debuts, but it's really rare that I stay up until three a.m. reading one, turning pages so fast it's a wonder I didn't get whiplash. Not only is Lauren's book gorgeously written (I was underlining phrases), but it's also a super-smart psychological study about the lives of women--one rich, one strugglingly poor--about aging parents, the tragedy of so-called justice, marriage and its discontents, and a nail-biting literary thriller, with an ending I honest to God never saw coming. Truly special and totally unforgettatble."

- Caroline Leavitt, New York Times Bestselling author of Pictures of You, Is This Tomorrow and Cruel Beautiful World


Novels & Stories

Everything We Did Not Do

Complete, Seeking Representation

Contemporary women's fiction that explores the human fallibility behind wrongful conviction: as if Jodi Picoult wrote Presumed Innocent.

Anne Marie's aging father wasn't a drug user. When she finds him dead of a heroin overdose, she's sure his young caretaker is to blame. She ensures that young, single mother goes to prison for decades.

But she's wrong.

Gray Area

In Progress

Attorney Piper Collins knows more about lies than anyone in the world: she feels them physically, an unappreciated gift that causes nothing but trouble. When she calls her firm’s largest client a liar, Piper finds herself barely hanging on to the only job she could get.

Until reclusive psychic Shanti Daye is sued for fraud and insists only Piper can defend her. The catch: Piper must ignore all legitimate defenses and instead prove Shanti is for real. It's just a case - albeit a strange one - until witnesses begin to die. Now, Piper must embrace her unwanted gift to determine who she can trust, or the next death will be her own.

The Morning After

Flash Fiction

Waking up dazed, hungover and confused, Lila realizes the world isn't as she left it.