"I'm always happy to read as-yet-unpublished debuts, but it's really rare that I stay up until three a.m. reading one, turning pages so fast it's a wonder I didn't get whiplash. Not only is Lauren's book gorgeously written (I was underlining phrases), but it's also a super-smart psychological study about the lives of women--one rich, one strugglingly poor--about aging parents, the tragedy of so-called justice, marriage and its discontents, and a nail-biting literary thriller, with an ending I honest to God never saw coming. Truly special and totally unforgettatble."

- Caroline Leavitt, New York Times Bestselling author of Pictures of You, Is This Tomorrow and Cruel Beautiful World


Novels & Stories

Everything We Did Not Do

Complete, Seeking Publisher

Anne Marie celebrates when her elderly father, Cory, returns to Seattle from Paris to be near her. But when he withdraws emotionally - and starts to fall - she reluctantly hires a caregiver: 21-year-old Claudia. Claudia's instructions are simple: cook, clean, drive and be close in case Cory falls again. 

Eight weeks later, Anne Marie finds Cory dead of a heroin overdose. Claudia is gone. Convinced of her guilt, Anne Marie goes on a rampage seeking justice. By partnering with her prosecutor ex-husband, she ensures Claudia is an example to the world. The desperate single mother is sentenced to decades in prison. 

After building her identity upon Claudia's guilt, Anne Marie stumbles upon evidence that could exonerate her. Will she give up everything to free a woman she loathes? 

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Play Me Backwards

In Progress

Its August, 1990. Melanie Bates' four-year-old daughter, Nessa, wakes up hysterical and covered in bruises no one can explain. She's screaming for Kaitlyn - the little girl up the street who vanished without a trace only hours earlier.

The only thing the two little girls have in common is the neighborhood daycare - Kaitlyn lives next door, and Nessa attends while her parents work. Melanie trusts the daycare, especially since her older daughter, Paige, works there part time.

But Kaitlyn's mother does not. And as the links between the two girls deepen, Melanie wonders whether her little girl is safe after all, or if both of her daughters are caught up in something dangerous.

The Morning After

Flash Fiction

Waking up dazed, hungover and confused, Lila realizes the world isn't as she left it.